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Knowledge Products


The design team has been working hard to develop an exciting and varied programme that will create an enabling environment for the development of knowledge products, sharing of experience and ideas, looking back and into the future and engaging our heads, hearts and hands. Rather than using a rigorous, fixed schedule, we have focused on making sure we have the right people in the room; the right tools, methodologies and resources available; and sufficient time to address key elements. The programme below is a guiding framework for the conference.

The focus of this conference will be on the development of knowledge products in parallel working groups of 7-10 people, using a method called Conference SCRUM (CS). CS is a highly effective tool for self managed teams. In a CS someone has the role of product owner. He or she assesses the wishes or requirements from the different stakeholders concerning the products to be delivered, and supports the team process by removing barriers where necessary and making sure most important things are being done first. The development process and the different components of the knowledge products will be determined in a participatory way within the working groups.

The 3 or 4 knowledge products that we will be working on in parallel are:

1.Good practice analysis of practices that support and enhance agricultural biodiversity or those that resist the drivers of agricultural biodiversity loss. Drawing on the good practice cases of participants and other abc members we will identify the underlying common dimensions for change and transformation across the five abc themes (markets and trade; seeds and technology; information networks; policy and governance; resilient communities). The good practice working group will be supported by the Stockholm Resilience Center and the Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research.

2.Develop focus and content for the special Agrobiodiversity@knowledged issue of Farming matters (early 2014). This special issue gives us the opportunity to showcase the work of the abcommunity and add insights and evidence to the debate. The Farming Matters working group will be supported by LEISA India.

3.Develop communication materials to demonstrate, explain and communicate to different sectors and actors the importance of agricultural biodiversity and the work of the abcommunity, using various communication tools. The communications working group will be supported by the Centre for Development Communication of Dhan Foundation.

4.[Optional] Develop parameters for an agricultural biodiversity barometer, which will show the global scale of the mozaique of local and informal sector initiatives that support and enhance agricultural biodiversity across the five abc themes (see under 1). This working group will be supported by the Agrobiodiversity@knowledged programme.

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