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From 10 – 12 October 2011 a group of academics and practitioners met in Thika, Kenya to discuss biodiversity for small holder famers in the view or resilience and transformation. The meeting was organised by Oxfam Novib and Hivos and took place at the SACDEP Training and Conference Centre. PELUM, whose office is situated at the SACDEP compound, kindly assisted the initiators with the preparations for the meeting and hosted the group. The meeting brought together ....More

Conference October 2011[Open pdf file ]

Forty-four people from all over the world met in Thailand in July 2012 for a three-and-a-half day conference as part of the Agrobiodiversity@knowledged program (see annex 1 for a list of participants). The meeting was facilitated by the Embassy of the Earth and the Groene Aap using the search conference methodology. The conference builds on the meeting in Thika, Kenya, in October 2011, with a number of organizations active ..... More

Conference july 2012[Open pdf file ]

The three-year Agrobiodiversity@knowledged Knowledge Programme (started in 2011) aims to break through the barriers that limit the scaling up, institutional embedding and horizontal extension of practices that build on agricultural biodiversity for improved livelihoods and resilient food systems. At the heart of the programme is a global knowledge and experience community of organizations working on agricultural biodiversity with millions of farmers worldwide, where evidence and insights are generated, shared and tested....More

Conference july 2013[Open pdf file ]

In 2011, the Hivos-OxfamNovib joint knowledge programmeagrobiodiversity@knowledged, initiated a journey to build a knowledge and experience community of farmers, practitioners and scientists working on agricultural biodiversity. Since then, there have been several milestones, from the inception of the agricultural biodiversity community (Thika, 2011), to the development of a shared vision and mission (Thailand, 2012), and working together on different knowledge products (India, 2013)....More

Conference October 2014[Open pdf file ]

Over the last three years the Agricultural Biodiversity Community (abc) has held various workshops and meetings resulting in the priority areas; Seeds and Breeds, Resilient Communities, Markets and Trade, Information Networks, Policy and Governance. First there was the idea of “breaking the glass house”while focusing on various operation environments e.g. governments; after a study then the thought process.More

Conference November 2015[Open pdf file ]

Sixth Annual Meeting of abc is scheduled on 27-30, November 2016 at Kerala, India. The Annual Meeting is hosted by DHAN Foundation, India. Theme of the annual meet is “Agricultural Biodiversity for Climate Resilience”. The annual meeting will be followed up by a knowledge building workshop on “Farmers-led Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation for resilience: Learning lessons for future practice on the fourth day (30th November 2016) to take forward abc to next level.More

Confernce December 2016 [Open pdf file ]
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